So..What is Divine Love?

Heartiest Welcome to this blog-post dear,

Although the topic mentioned here is simply beyond articulation by any human tongue yet I will try my best to express my inner feelings about the same.

Divine love can also be named as God’s love, True love, Spiritual love, Pure love or Unconditional love. A sort of divine feeling; A blissful smile; A fountain of pure joy; A peaceful ecstasy transports our whole being simply by hearing or calling such beautiful words. I believe Silence has a beauty and Words too. Exploring the beauty of words, I wish to put forth my outlook about ‘The Divine Love!!’.. aah..feeling blessed..:)

Divine love is Omnipresent like God. It acts like a glue that holds the whole world together. Though we cant see it yet it can be felt by the heart that is open and pure. Divine love is a state of being that can be realized by a gracious soul that is ready to enter the realm of Divinity which transcends the physical realm.

We all belong to One God ,One Source or we may call it One Supreme Consciousness. As we traverse our own unique soul paths in our own unique ways and forms so we become unaware about our core oneness and it serves a beautiful purpose as water becomes tastier when we become thirstier..;)

Divine love is the feeling of being connected to the whole existence and it happens when the self realizes its own infinite nature and feels as if the whole creation is pulsating with the same heartbeat as its own.Despite all the diversities and disparities of the physical and practical world, One can feel the underlying thread of Unity and this inexplicably beautiful divine feeling is bestowed upon a few blessed souls by the grace of God but it is definitely possible for each and every one of us to have this divine feeling as we all bear the seeds of divinity that can come to fruition when the right conditions are met. In fact, We all are meant to have this glorious destiny sooner or later. All one needs is a deep longing for the this ultimate belonging.And if my dear, you are able to feel a pious river of pure joy moving through your being while going through this post then I must say , “You’re the One!”

Yes dear, Our Mother Earth has continually been endowed with such graceful souls who have experienced as well as radiated the boundless divine love and light and such holy saints are a boon to humanity.

All in all, Divine love is pure, unconditional, eternal, infinite, all-embracing, all-encompassing, ever growing, ever lasting, ageless, boundless, selfless, timeless and priceless.

Love for All

Thank you so much!!

May God bless you beyond measures…