Divine Love sets you free!

Hi dear all,

Inspired by the Divine to share the heartiest emotions over this blog-post. I would first like to thank you for making time to go through this piece of writing.

Normally, We as humans think of love as a force that binds us together and yes it definitely does. On the contrary, the same love sets us free from all the bondages that cause us misery throughout the ages.Yes, I feel that love is the most harmonious bond we all crave or long for yet the most astonishing freedom we could ever yearn for.πŸ’•

See dear, Everyone wants to be loved and be free at the same time and when we come to realize that love is not restricting our freedom but our attachments,expectations,ego and vices do. Then we don’t blame love or the beloved to be the reason of our sorrows. Love is simply so pure and divine and the painful triggers of anger, jealousy, frustration, irritation or hurt are there to tell us that we need to heal deeper and rise above our limited self into our own infinite divine being.πŸ’ž

So, Love in its true essence neither runs away nor chases and always confides in its surrendered state or call it free state. A loving heart always rejoices in the well-being of the loved ones wherever it may be. It is when we truly come to love our own being as the priceless beautiful creation of Divine, we would then be able to share that love freely and merrily without asking or needing returns knowing we always get abundant supplies of love and grace by the Supreme.

Our love becomes invinsible and sprinkles out like a fountain in all directions centered in its divine nature.Our whole being starts radiating love with such ease and grace that we feel so grateful to be a gracious instrument of Divine and we would be touching so many lives by Divine Grace without our knowingness. It happens only by God’s Grace that we start melting down like glaciers into the freely falling rivers of joy, peace and bliss quenching the thirst of many weary souls by our thoughts, words or deeds. Our life becomes a worship of Divine and a dance of Freedom and Ecstasy.

May God bless all with love and freedom together..πŸ’ž

May we connect to our inner divine in our own special ways and nurture the divine light in us..πŸ˜‡

“Happy free birds can truly become happy love birds!”

πŸ•‰God bless AllπŸ•‰

πŸ’–Love for AllπŸ’–


The more you feel it!

Hi dear hearts,

Again heartiest welcome to another blog post after a bit more gap πŸ€—

Writing straight from the heart, I feel that the world of divine feelings could not be understood unless we feel or experience it. It is through various enlightened, evolved and loving forms of God (whom we call saints, Guru or it can be a parent or a friend or a lover for some) that we are able to feel the divine love when they pour their unconditional love and care upon us in our trying times(when we are not quite lovable or in a state of self pity). It is then we really come to feel the soothing elixir of divine love and grace which is the very root of all the goodness in the world.πŸ’–

Our Mother Earth loves all the beings it beholds as it sustains and nourishes all even while persevering so much torments and ill-doings.The Sun renders its light to ever nook and corner without any discrimination and judgement. Even a little flowers blossoms merrily for all without fearing it’s consequences.

Most of us are blessed with beautiful loving Mothers who stand by us through thick and thin and nuture us through blood and bone. Plus sweet caring Fathers who make sure that we stay happy and safe throughout our lives..πŸ˜‡

Really if we look a bit closely we can easily find that we are literally surrounded by loads of blessings and bestowings which many people crave for. At this note, Let’s pray for all the beings..πŸ™

May All be in Peace!!

May All be in Bliss!!

And let’s feel grateful for all the blessings God keeps on showering upon us incessantly..πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

“Gratitude is the highest form of Worship”

So, I conclude the write-up by deeply thanking our beloved God for letting me write this. I feel it is only possible by Divine Inspiration and God’s Grace that we are able to accomplish any task.

Thank you All!!

Love for All πŸ’–πŸ’–

So..What is Divine Love?

Heartiest Welcome to this blog-post dear,

Although the topic mentioned here is simply beyond articulation by any human tongue yet I will try my best to express my inner feelings about the same.

Divine love can also be named as God’s love, True love, Spiritual love, Pure love or Unconditional love. A sort of divine feeling; A blissful smile; A fountain of pure joy; A peaceful ecstasy transports our whole being simply by hearing or calling such beautiful words. I believe Silence has a beauty and Words too. Exploring the beauty of words, I wish to put forth my outlook about ‘The Divine Love!!’.. aah..feeling blessed..:)

Divine love is Omnipresent like God. It acts like a glue that holds the whole world together. Though we cant see it yet it can be felt by the heart that is open and pure. Divine love is a state of being that can be realized by a gracious soul that is ready to enter the realm of Divinity which transcends the physical realm.

We all belong to One God ,One Source or we may call it One Supreme Consciousness. As we traverse our own unique soul paths in our own unique ways and forms so we become unaware about our core oneness and it serves a beautiful purpose as water becomes tastier when we become thirstier..;)

Divine love is the feeling of being connected to the whole existence and it happens when the self realizes its own infinite nature and feels as if the whole creation is pulsating with the same heartbeat as its own.Despite all the diversities and disparities of the physical and practical world, One can feel the underlying thread of Unity and this inexplicably beautiful divine feeling is bestowed upon a few blessed souls by the grace of God but it is definitely possible for each and every one of us to have this divine feeling as we all bear the seeds of divinity that can come to fruition when the right conditions are met. In fact, We all are meant to have this glorious destiny sooner or later. All one needs is a deep longing for the this ultimate belonging.And if my dear, you are able to feel a pious river of pure joy moving through your being while going through this post then I must say , “You’re the One!”

Yes dear, Our Mother Earth has continually been endowed with such graceful souls who have experienced as well as radiated the boundless divine love and light and such holy saints are a boon to humanity.

All in all, Divine love is pure, unconditional, eternal, infinite, all-embracing, all-encompassing, ever growing, ever lasting, ageless, boundless, selfless, timeless and priceless.

Love for All

Thank you so much!!

May God bless you beyond measures…